David RovicsFive years ago, KCSB brought folk musician David Rovics to the University of California, Santa Barbara campus for a live performance. He’s been back in our area a few times since, with his latest concert scheduled for Monday night, August 18th, in Oxnard.

No less an expert than Amy Goodman has called Rovics’ songs “the musical version of Democracy Now!” Others have compared him to the radical folk-music legend Phil Ochs. On Friday afternoon, KCSB programmer Ted Coe conducted an hour-long live interview with David Rovics. Stay tuned as KCSB rebroadcasts their conversation during the 2nd hour of “The Freak Power Ticket,” which airs this summer on Mondays from 9-11am.

(On Monday, Aug. 18th, the Ventura County Committee to Stop the War will host a 7pm concert by David Rovics at the North Oxnard Methodist Church, 2300 West Gonzales Road. For tickets or more information call 805-641-1789.)

To hear the Rovics interview, use the embedded player or download the file, below.