Of his program Culture of Protest, Dick Flacks writes:
Chile coup forty years after

September 11 1973–Pinochet leads fascist military coup. President Allende killed, thousands rounded up. Chile’s troubadour Victor Jara tortured and killed in stadium Latin America’s poet laureate Pablo Neruda dies within days. Chile suffers dictatorship and then a democratic transformation. Because of its strong culture of protest (fostered by Neruda and Jara among others) these events remain in memory both in Chile and globally.

This week on KCSB we team up with “Latin American Journal” for a 2-hour broadcast devoted to this anniversary. It will feature many songs about Victor Jara as well as by him, Neruda poetry, documentary sounds and conversation.

culture of protest thurs 9/5/13 6 pm pt kcsb 91.9fm