f-n-g-logo-best Here’s hoping this week’s “Frank ‘n’ George” doesn’t fall victim to the mimetic fallacy, as this week’s topic is boredom, or ennui, if your boredom is fancy and has a French accent. So what, you might say, but then you’re almost getting to the point. For this is the show for those who can’t even bother to care, but maybe are bothered by feeling like that. Sure, there will be a post-punk classic Buzzcocks cut (played from a vinyl version of Spiral Scratch, as we’re old enough to own such things), but there will also be Peter Cook, Blood Red Shoes, Doc Watson, The Clash, Pet Shop Boys, Vitalic and a host of others all talking about how little interest they have in anything. Who knew boredom could be such a rich subject? Tune in to find out just how much.

“Frank ‘n’ George” airs Tuesdays 10 am – 12 noon fall quarter.