fng-logo-sp15You might be fair in assuming we’re a duplicitous duo this week, as the show’s title has two meanings. First, we are subbing for K’Lubbin (or is that Subbin’ for K’Lubbin’?), so the show will be super-sized: we’re on from 9 am until 12:30 pm. Second, to make getting through a three-and-a-half hour show more bearable, our theme is this: every song we play must be at least 6 minutes long. Loyal listeners (hi, both of you!) can guess where the lengthy muse might lead Frank (why yes, jazz, and a handful of Hancock), but assuming what George thinks is a fool’s game (we’ll just leave that at that). Could be anything from Bob Mould being anything but sweet in Sugar to the wonder that is the Senegalese-Cuban mashup of Orchestra Baobab.

“Frank ‘n’ George” airs 9 am – 12: 30 pm this Tuesday only.