fng-fall15-logoFor Thanksgiving we essayed the theme “songs we are thankful for” but as you might imagine the amount of songs far exceeded our two-hour time slot. So the theme is back with a vengeance this week, if gratitude can be vengeful. This makes us mood confused. That is odd, as so many of these songs we are thankful for tend to run from the contemplative to the gorgeous to the tear-provoking in the beautiful way they can bare the soul. I mean, who doesn’t love “Beat on the Brat” or “12XU,” but being thankful for them seems all gland and no heart, as it were. This show is all heart.  Some of that heart might be brought by Thelonious Monk’s fingers or Neko Case’s pipes, but you know what we mean. And if you don’t, you better listen.

“Frank ‘n’ George” airs Tuesdays 10 am – 12 noon this quarter.