Where in the world would two cantankerous old fogeys like Frank and George* be allowed anywhere near a radio microphone? KCSB, of course. So let’s celebrate that wondrous fact this Pledge Drive with a show called Gimme Shelter. As you know if you’ve been listening, we’ve had a recent run of themes called Track One, and one of the most infamous is “Gimme Shelter” off the Rolling Stones’ classic Let It Bleed. Imagine the late ’60s, or Martin Scorsese’s career, without this song. There also happens to be a metric boatload of cover versions, so this week’s FnG will give those prime placement as we wax nostalgic (it’s the only waxing we do, promise) (you can’t get that image out of your minds now, can you?) (sorry) about how KCSB has given us shelter. You probably feel that house and home warmth too, don’t you? So get ready to call during our show. (893-2424)

*The rumors we were the basis for Statler and Waldorf are highly exaggerated, or the Henson estate owes us some royalties.

“Frank ‘n’ George” airs Tuesdays 10 am – 12 noon this quarter.

Frank 'n' George Pledge Drive (image courtesy Wiki Commons)

Frank ‘n’ George Pledge Drive (image courtesy Wiki Commons)