Of his next broadcast, “Doom Corporation” host The Chemist writes: “You’ve come to expect nothing but classic punk rock, hardcore, thrash, noise, and current events on ‘The Doom Corporation’: a global conspiracy soundtrack! Today’s edition also features great thank-you gifts for loyal ‘DC’ listeners and new converts alike: a special ‘Doom Corporation’ t-shirt (for a $50 contribution), a handmade ‘Doom Corporation’ skull-shaped goblet/mug, personally monogrammed with your name, plus George Carlin’s ‘seven dirty words.’ (The artisan is Scott Chatenever: villagepotter.com.)

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What’s more, you can claim advance DVD copies of Jonathan W.C. Mills’ new documentary We Were Feared, about the early days of O.C. punk rock at the Cuckoo’s Nest venue in Costa Mesa. The latter two items can be claimed for donations of $66.60. Finally, all donors can receive a grab bag of hardcore punk courtesy of Ebullition Records in Goleta.”

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“Doom Corporation” airs on Fridays in the Fall from 1-3pm.