Image posted with permission from Richard SenateBoys and ghouls,

Vampire Hunter Beck Hex and Paranormal Researcher Professor Dr. Spectre invite you to join us for a new show to the KCSB schedule, The Witching Hour. Tune in at the twelfth bell (midnight) this Friday morning for a program on the ghosts of Santa Barbara and our relentless pursuit to capture and document them. We will be joined by Ventura ghost hunter Richard Senate for a phone interview.

We will also investigate attempts to two-way conversations with the spirit realm through stimulating Electronic Voice Phenomena. These electrifying recordings will bring you insight, fright, and delight! Plus, music that cultivates links to the afterlife!

Spookily yours,

Beck Hex & The Good Professor Doctor

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The Witching Hour airs Fridays midnight – 2am this winter quarter.