UCSB Professor David Novak

Later today, Monday, May 7th, from 11am until noon, Ted Coe, host of “The Freak Power Ticket,” will be joined by guest David Novak, an Assistant Professor at UCSB whose field is Ethnomusicology. Novak will be discussing a class he is teaching this spring, called Global Rock Docs, a follow-up to a similar course last spring Rock Docs, which focused on “rock’n’roll documentaries.” This year’s series, sponsored by UCSB’s Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Music, again features free public screenings on Wednesday nights at 8pm in the UCSB Music Bowl.

Global Rock Docs 2012 - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Selections in the series include this week’s presentation, Afghan Star (H. Marking, 2009) which will screen on May 9th; Heavy Metal in Baghdad (E. Moretti & S. Alvi, 2007) on May 16th; Genghis Blues (1999), on May 30th (a film directed by UCSB alumnus Roko Belic); and Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul (F. Aikin, 2005) on June 6th.

Documentaries screened earlier include Fela: Music is the Weapon (S. Tchal-Gadjieff & J. Flori, 1982), with Femi Kuti: Live at the Shrine (R. Frydman, 2005) (April 4th); and Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars (Z. Niles, 2005) with Music of Resistance: Tinariwen (J. Breckenridge, 2009) (April 18th).

Last Thursday, KCSB and CISM joined forces to co-present the fictional Bollywood epic Dil Se (M. Ratnam, 1998).

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs Mondays in the Spring from 11am-noon.