Journalist and Pulitzer-winning and film critic Roger Ebert died a year ago this past Friday.

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Roger Ebert (right) with Russ Meyer in 1970. CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL

Best known for his influence on popular understanding of cinema, Ebert’s career as a screenwriter is lesser known, but also appreciated. In fact, he co-wrote a trio of exploitation films with the bawdy cult-filmmaker Russ Meyer, the most famous of which, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, was dubbed “the first exploitation-horror-camp-musical.”

Building on a recent interview-special on “The Freak Power Ticket” on Ebert’s life and career, today’s broadcast pays tribute to his much-quoted Pop Art satire, with: original music from the Beyond the Valley of the Dolls soundtrack (including L.A. pop-psychedelia with the Strawberry Alarm Clock and that film’s fictitious all-girl rock trio, “The Carrie Nations”), covers, remixes, tribute songs, dialogue and music samples, free associations, and inspirations too for this pseudo-sequel to the 1967 melodrama, Jacqueline Susann‘s Valley of the Dolls.

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