Image © Gossimer

brioche rib – Gossimer

Of his next broadcast, Josh Redman writes: This Thursday, August 1st, 5…4…3…2…fun!! will have Gossimer and L’ile Pica playing live. Both bands will be coming by the station after playing at the Biko Infoshop that evening at 7:30pm.

Gossimer, from Oakland, creates a “beautiful lush listening experience,” “described as soothing and eeries, it’s mostly fingerpicking with a wavery voice, stops and starts, accompanied by clickity clack drumming and a guzheng (kind of Chinese harp).”

L’ile Pica, from Olympia, does electronics. It will sound pretty nice over the radio but the Biko Infoshop show will be a whole different experience.

5…4…3…2…fun!! airs on KCSB 91.9FM Thursdays at 10p-12a.
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