This week’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival edition of “The Freak Power Ticket” featured two interviews with local filmmakers.

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GRASSHOPPER FOR GRANDPA Poster (Jenny Fine Illustration) – Courtesy Image.

The first segment focused on a new short documentary Grasshopper for Grandpa: The Story of Jimmy’s Oriental Gardens, which has a world-premiere screening this coming Thursday, February 5th, 430pm, at the Lobero Theatre. “The Freak Power Ticket”’s producer/host Ted Coe and guest-host Harry Lawton were joined in-studio by Grasshopper for Grandpa director Casey McGarry and producer Milo Wolf.

Ted Coe says, “Jimmy’s belied Santa Barbara’s whole ‘Spanish Revival theme-park’ vibe. It was one of the coolest establishments our community has ever seen.”

McGarry’s film casts a light on the history and the people behind the mom-and-pop restaurant and bar: the Chung family; employees Willy and Esther Gilbert; local writer Matt Kettman and other Jimmy’s regulars who brought real personality into the last remaining landmark of Santa Barbara’s historic Chinatown district.

A podcast of Monday’s Grasshopper for Grandpa interview is now available for streaming or download below. 

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