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GRASSHOPPER FOR GRANDPA Poster (Jenny Fine Illustration) – Courtesy Image.

Monday’s Santa Barbara International Film Festival edition of “The Freak Power Ticket” will feature two interviews with local filmmakers Casey McGarry and Ted Mills, plus a midstream report on the fest so far, and a preview of the week ahead. Other surprise guests may also be in store.

The first segment of the broadcast will focus on Casey McGarry’s new documentary Grasshopper for Grandpa: The Story of Jimmy’s Oriental Gardens. The last landmark of Santa Barbara’s Old Chinatown, Jimmy’s restaurant and bar was a throwback to a more eccentric, less illusory Southern California than our city’s enforced Spanish revivalism ever suggests.

McGarry’s short subject casts a light on the history and the people behind what “The Freak Power Ticket”‘s producer Ted Coe calls “one of the coolest establishments in our community ever,” especially its owner Tommy Chung and longtime bartender Willy Gilbert. Grasshopper for Grandpa has its world-premiere at the SBIFF this coming Thursday, February 5th at 430pm.

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Ted Mills & Ted Coe at SBIFF Press Breakfast (Photo by John Palminteri).

Also on the bill for Monday’s broadcast, an interview with journalist and filmmaker Ted Mills. Not only is Mills reporting on the film festival for our daily newspaper, he also had a silent film in the mix during the Santa Barbara Live-Action Shorts program last weekend. What a Pool Believes is a humorous fantasy set locally during the 1920s.

Host Ted Coe and guest co-host Harry Lawton will also recap highlights of week one of the SBIFF, and anticipate upcoming screenings of interest. Stay tuned for a lively hour of conversation, music, trailers, and maybe even more surprise guests.

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs on Mondays in the  winter from 11am-12noon PST.