grizzlyThis Saturday, Raven Nevermore will be hosting Captain Rick’s own The Rick Show, and will be joined live in-studio by Grizzly Buddha for an on-air performance. On their Facebook page, they write:

“Grizzly Buddha is a musical project supported by a community of musicians, which started with Brandan Pineda and Nick Moya. For years the band grew with many members who helped get this band where it is today. Now, with the writing partner ship of Brandan Pineda and Vivian Pondella the band continues to grow and expand with new music constantly.

From acoustic rock sing alongs to subversions of psychedelic, black hole, anti matter, space rock, Grizzly Buddha’s performance will send you into the outer reaches of the universe and back again….Let the good times roll everybody!”

The Rick Show airs Saturdays in the Fall from 9:00-11:00a, and Raven’s show LIFTED airs Sunday mornings from 5:30-7:00a.