Of the next edition of “The Freak Power Ticket” (October 29th), producer/host Ted Coe says, “On Monday’s radio broadcast, my special guest John Bender — of Film Score Monthly — will be sharing an expansive playlist of tracks specially compiled to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. A selection of rare and unusual music from science-fiction and horror films (and television) will inspire just the right Halloween spirit!”

About John Bender: This week’s guest grew up infatuated with films, television, comic books, and film/TV music. John Bender was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, a town noted not only for its native son of contemporary art, Andy Warhol, but also for its pioneering masters of modern horror, filmmaker George A. Romero and special-effects artist Tom Savini.

Like Warhol, John Bender was trained in the Fine Arts. This professional educator writes for America’s first periodical on the art of film music, Film Score Monthly: his regular column, called Score Internationale, reviews European film-score CDs. Bender also regularly contributes liner notes to film-music releases. His passion is for Silver Age (1960s-70s) film music, both American and European (and some Asian).


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