staff-list-with-hannityIn part five of the getting-ever-less brief history of KCSB chronicled in the Santa Barbara Independent’s KCSBeat column, Colin Marshall examines the nature of freeform radio itself and what it has to do with a certain nationally-known conservative pundit’s brief time on KCSB’s schedule:

Freeform, at least theoretically, allows not just for the airing of any musical perspective—and longtime KCSB fans will have heard most of them—but all perspectives personal, philosophical, religious, and political as well. My listening reveals that most freeform stations tend to register just the teensiest bit to the left on the U.S. political spectrum. But even as a political moderate, I’ve always felt at home at KCSB, and I wouldn’t be shocked to tune in to it and hear someone expressing a non-left perspective.

Still, many are startled upon learning that, in the late 1980s, KCSB’s staff roster included a certain Sean Hannity, widely known today as the host of national radio’s The Sean Hannity Show, Fox News’s Hannity and Hannity’s America as well as the author of books like Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism. Many statements can be made about the man’s political inclination, but being anywhere the near the left side of the U.S. political spectrum is most definitely not one of them.

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