Curtis and Eric from Crawfordville, FL, USA via FlickrOminous howling winds, eerily empty streets, and a relaxing creaking sound coming from downstairs. What could go wrong on the most perfect spring break ever?

Tonight, join Professor Dr. Spectre as he braves two hours alone in the KCSB studios to celebrate the greatest spring break ever: just the Good Professor Dr. alone in a beachside vacation home where probably nothing will go wrong.

Listeners will enjoy a collection of eerie spring break hits that perfectly capture that feeling that something scary might happen but probably won’t. Probably.

I mean, why do you even pay any mind to those silly recurring dreams in the first place? And what could even go wrong in a beautiful beachside home? Nothing! Probably.

PLUS, we have a special guest interview of… Edward Snowden? We’re working on confirming that for you, but he says he’s got big news on a new project. Tune in, just in case it really is him.

Spookily yours,

Beck Hexx & The Good Professor Doctor

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The Witching Hour airs Fridays midnight – 2am this winter quarter.