On the Monday, July 28th edition of “The Freak Power Ticket,” producer/host Ted Coe interviewed Greg Burris, a doctoral candidate in UCSB’s Department of Film and Media Studies. Their focus, a University course Burris is teaching this summer, “Peace, Love, and Cannibals: Hippie Horror Films of the Sixties and Seventies.” An edited podcast of this program is now available for streaming and download below.

Redrawn from the album cover of Chainsawsplit - 04 - Disclose and Framtid. Creative Commons License.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre illustration by Gwendal Uguen. CC License.

During the two-hour live program, the pair shared trailers and music from (and inspired by) ’60s and ’70s horror cinema, while also discussing in-depth the political subtexts of these influential films: Peeping Tom (Michael Powell, 1960), Targets (Peter Bogdanovich, 1968), Night of the Living Dead (George A. Romero, 1968), and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Tobe Hooper, 1974), as well as Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanski, 1968), Ganja and Hess (Bill Gunn, 1973), The Velvet Vampire (Stephanie Rothman, 1971), The Exorcist (William Friedkin, 1973), Sisters (Brian DePalma, 1973), It’s Alive (Larry Cohen, 1974), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Jim Sharman, 1975), and more.

Burris’s overall academic work explores the links between media, culture, and emancipatory politics, bringing together Palestinian film and media, globalization theory, and transnational solidarity.

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