Of his next broadcast, host Dick Flacks writes:

César & Martin

This week we pay homage to two persons who led historic movements for justice and reshaped history, using the strategies and tactics of revolutionary nonviolence. Cesar Chavez birthday on March 31, now a national holiday, this year underlined by the release of the new biopic. Martin Luther King Jr., murdered on April 4, 1968, exactly one year after he articulated his commitment to opposing the Vietnam war.

Chavez and King invented frameworks that enabled and inspired masses of people previously voiceless, to find collective power.  And they were able to devise effective strategies that  led to victory against great odds. Both are now honored by national holidays, but both were targets of government surveillance and death threats. Their work and their lives repay continuing and critical study in our endless effort to solve the puzzles of human agency.

So on the radio—some of their own words, coupled with music that  served as soundtracks for the movements they led—and some of the songs people have made to remember them by.

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