If you happen to have missed the last couple editions of KCSBeat, Colin Marshall’s Santa Barbara Independent column on all things KCSB, the day they went up on the front page of Independent.com, never fear: they remain available in the complete KCSBeat archive. First, there’s a continuation of the story of, Poodle Radio, the Indy‘s new live morning show on KCSB:

My goal with live listenability isn’t just to deliver the slightly more exciting experience to you of hearing me and my guests yammer at the very same moment we’re actually yammering. That’s certainly part of it, but my more interesting vision is to cultivate a culture of listener participation. While it’s a pleasure being lent your Poodle Radio-listening ears, it would be even better to get your voices in on the game as well. KCSB’s programs run across the spectrum where this is concerned: Some are one-way transmissions to their audience, and others are two-way interactions with them. We’d like to grow into the latter.

Then, there’s a look at and a listen to Conceptual Radio one of the many unscripted, unpredictable, utterly free-form shows that pop up on KCSB when one DJ subs for another:

The most interesting possible listening experience, to my mind, is when you’re geared up to hear one show but then hear something almost entirely different, a program far away on an axis of radio entertainment you might not have even known existed. The interaction of a specific set of expectations with an unexpected piece of culture that’s completely skewed from them gives rise to some of the richest moments in the modern history of performer-audience exchange. Ponder, for a moment, the potential mind-blowingness of the Nonstop Dixieland Rarities mindset suddenly receiving the Mechanical Drone Hour sensibility. (Neither show is real, though I now wish both were.) This is why I do Conceptual Radio. Conceptual Radio isn’t a show on the KCSB schedule, nor has it ever been. By its very nature, it can’t be: It’s a project that must exist only irregularly, only ephemerally.