Image courtesy of SBTAN and Philip Le Vasseur.

Image courtesy of SBTAN and Philip Le Vasseur.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, March 31st, starting at 5pm, Santa Barbara will celebrate the International Transgender Day of Visibility at the UCSB Multicultural Center.

Santa Barbara’s thriving community of transgender children, families, and friends will be celebrated with live jazz by the Jennifer Leitham Trio, a screening of the Leitham documentary, I Stand Corrected, and an art auction featuring works by photojournalist Richard Ross and local trans artists. Proceeds go to the Santa Barbara Transgender Advocacy Network’s Trans Youth programming.

Last Tuesday, March 22nd, on “Groovy Tuesday,” DJ Della and her guests from the Santa Barbara Transgender Advocacy Network (SBTAN) conducted a lively discussion on advancing awareness of their lives throughout our communities. They also previewed tomorrow’s UCSB MCC event during the broadcast. (You can find an archive link of that week’s program HERE.)

Santa Barbara has a long tradition of marking the deaths of transgender people on the Transgender Day of Remembrance each year on November 20th. However, this is the first year that Santa Barbara celebrates the Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31st. SBTAN educates individuals and organizations on best practices for transgender & gender expansive clients, patients, students, congregants and families; creates and develops spaces, actions, and policies that advance the welfare of transgender and diverse gender non-conformity.

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