A three-piece post-punk band based in the San Francisco area, Sirena Victima is touring down the coast and stopping at FUNZONE in Santa Barbara on 9/11/2016. Each member of the band chatted with KCSB’s Spencer VH and talked about their influences, the band’s history and the best bands from their hometown.

KCSB:  What is the history of Sirena Victima? How did the band come together? Did any members play in previous bands together?


MEGAN: We met through friends. Candace and I played in a project called Straight Dudes for a few month, no internet presence tho.
MARISELA: Candace and I met when another band I was in played a show at El Rio and she did our sound. We exchanged numbers another time when I saw Candace’s other band. We started jamming then asked Megan to join literally a couple days after I met her.

KCSB: How has coming from the San Francisco area helped shape your sound?

MEGAN: I was born and raised in the Bay Area. This awesome place has nurtured the rocker within since I was a teen.
MARISELA: I’m from LA, but have been in the Bay since 2009. San Francisco has such a wide variety of music and music scenes. So much support and so many talented beautiful friends.
CANDACE: It’s been great. A lot of support out here even though the city is changing, we’re still fighting the fight.

KCSB: What are you most excited about seeing on this tour? Have you played in any of the cities before?

MEGAN: SO excited for Funzone. Also stoked for Reno! The only city I’ve played in before in San Jose, and that was only once.
MARISELA: FUNZONE!!! Batting cages! Excited for Merced too. I love the smaller towns.
CANDACE: I’ve played in Reno and I’m really excited for Funzone!


KCSB:  Santa Barbara has a very small music scene. What is it like being a part of a large city’s scene?

 It feels like our scene is actually kind of small, but maybe just our brand of punk is limited. There’s def. a lot of bands we wouldn’t fuck with,
MARISELA: Def. wont fuck with some bands. Also, everyone keeps asking everyone to jam cause a lot of our friends are so talented. So it’s kinda tight knit for us.
CANDACE: Large city scene still has hella small venues.

KCSB:  FUNZONE in Santa Barbara is located at a batting cages. Who in the band is most likely to hit a home run?

 As an AVID baseball fan, I’m going to vote for myself. However, you never know if one of these hard hitters will surprise you,
MARISELA: I vote Megan too

KCSB:  Lastly, which bands in your area do you think are putting out the best music that people should be checking out?


MEGAN: Soar, Hazel’s Wart, Fish Breath, Ugly, Cloak
MARISELA: Agreed, but also Plush, Flail, Nu Normal, The World, Lovebirds, Rays, Puzzled, Super Unison,
CANDACE: Same. The World. Spit Tips


Sirena Victima’s newest release ‘Sirena Victima’ was released via their Bandcamp page on 07/06/2016. They will be playing at FUNZONE in Santa Barbara on 09/11/2016 with Young Parent (Ventura, CA) and Bearcats (Arroyo Grande, CA). You can find Sirena Victima on Facebook as well.