1985-kcsb-logoThis week in the Santa Barbara Independent’s KCSBeat, Colin Marshall takes the journey through KCSB history into the 1980s, the decade that saw the founding of KCSB-AM (now known and loved as KJUC), a huge power increase for the station’s signal, a few dust-ups about programming and management and a scrape with the FCC:

Those keeping score at home will recall that KCSB started out as an AM station, albeit one transmitted only by the UCSB campus’s electrical current. But after the early 1960s, the station’s staff seemed to grow increasingly disinterested in broadcasting with trusty old lo-fi amplitude modulation in favor of the relatively new, clear-as-a-bell frequency modulation. By the 1980s, KCSB’s AM capacity had gone unused for over 15 years.
But eventually, given the surfeit of hopefuls vying for the rare open spots on KCSB’s schedule, it presented itself the solution to a problem: Why not use the AM broadcast as a training station where the freshest of the freshly-minted DJs could loose their wildest impulses, thus hastening their progress toward the relatively (but not excessively) refined on-air manner the FM audience had come to enjoy?

You can read all about it on the Independent’s site here.