This week on “Spindfrift,” author Jeanine Kitchel joins host Marika Davidek to discuss the mysteries inside her latest book, “Maya 2012 Revealed, Demystifying the Prophecy.” The book sets a realistic tone for the 2012 debate about the ancient prediction for the end of the world. Kitchel emphasizes who are the Maya, breaking the code, their calendar system, Maya astronomy and the night sky, 2012ology, the collapse of the Classic Maya, and the prophecy as seen by Maya elders. Tune in and find out why December 21, 2012 is such an important date in the Maya world.

Kitchel has a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and has been writing for publications for the past 30 years in Northern California and Mexico. As time progressed, she added websites that detail life and travel in Mexico and Central America. Kitchel lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area in publishing and sales until 1997 when she moved to a small fishing village, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Her love of books prompted her to open a bookstore in Puerto Morelos, one of seven in the state and the only English language bookstore at the time. It soon became the largest English language bookstore from Mexico City south to Guatemala.

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