image by Allyson Gonzalez

Image by Allyson Gonzalez
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Says Joaquin Peres of KCSB-FM and “Shrimp and White Wine”:

“Every once in a long while an Event comes along that is so Special, of such intimidating rarity, that the very contemplation of its Special-ness fractures schedules, derails days, and exacerbates an already acutely ischemiatic lower intestine.

This is that Event.

Join Us this coming Tuesday night, January 12th, at FUNZONE, at 8 pm, for an evening so beautifully Special that each succeeding Tuesday will be reimagined in our greater Collective Societal Consciousness as the “New Friday.” Gabriel Poissant will give you a brief grounding in Standard Emotive Response, laying down the perceptive railway upon which Dougie Poole and Jerry Paper will guide you to “Transcendence.”

Embrace Jerry’s Digital Devotion, follow Dougie’s Urban Anti-Cowboy as he guides you through the Desert of the Real, and, at some point, dance.

And don’t forget to bring your Pineal Gland.”

Hear an exclusive PSA by Joaquin for the event HERE.