As of 7 a.m. this morning: City of Santa Barbara Fire spokesperson John Ahlman said he traveled along Foothill Road (Highway 192) and believes the fire did not cross south of Foothill. The fire did make a run under San Roque bridge, but it didn’t get too far. … The homes that burned overnight were above Foothill Road, in that hilly interface between mountains and urbanized neighborhoods. The exact number is unknown; no general assessment of homes damaged or destroyed has been done. … The fire burned mostly in the unpopulated, mountain areas. Fire personnel are going into a briefing to figure out what’s been happening overnight, but even then, he cautioned, they won’t know everything. … Ahlman reported that fire was active on the western flank, but that the east side has had issues too. … Other news: county Animal Services shelter and Humane Society are overflowing with all new evacuations last night. Montecito experiencing 60 mph wind gusts. News briefing scheduled for 8 a.m.
–Cathy Murillo