John Amplas filmography (courtesy image).

John Amplas filmography (courtesy image). – CLICK TO ENLARGE

Just days before Halloween, Ted Coe, creator of music-and-cultural arts program “The Freak Power Ticket,” conducted a lengthy interview with John Amplas, the Pittsburgh-based actor and educator closely associated with writer, director, and editor George A. Romero.

Amplas served for nearly a decade on the team behind most of Romero’s greatest motion pictures (post-Night of the Living Dead): starting with his screen debut playing the title role in the revisionist vampire thriller Martin (in 1977), and ending with his key part in the final film of Romero’s original, hugely-influential zombie trilogy, Day of the Dead (in 1985).

John Amplas (circa 2009?) - courtesy image.

John Amplas (circa 2009?) – courtesy image.

The interview celebrates the filmmaker’s impact, while also acknowledging the cinematic achievements of those working alongside Romero during his peak creative period, which Amplas likens to something like “a repertory company.”

The day after the November 8th birthday of Dracula’s creator, the late-Victorian gothic novelist Bram Stoker, part one of “The Freak Power Ticket” interview with Amplas (Monday, November 9th) will primarily focus on Martin, the story of a modern-day bloodsucker that the British magazine Radio Times has called “a minor masterpiece.”

Tune in for the hourlong program, which will also feature related music, audio clips, and more.

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs on Mondays in the fall from 11am-12noon PST.