Alessandro Alessandroni & John Bender

“Born & raised in Pittsburgh PA. Grew up infatuated with film, TV and comic books (was a Marvel collector) and film/TV music (‘I used to record stuff right from our family TV speaker’).

The family mythology maintains that my grandfather (George Bender Sr.) was the world’s 1st motion picture projectionist (here in Pgh. at a place called the Nickelodeon).

Studied the Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University (BFA) and The Yale School of Art (MFA).

I did some musical theater while at CMU (I used to be able to sing). While at Yale I instituted and managed the first ever film series for the School of Art.

I play a Boy Scout troop leader in one of the worst movies ever made – THE FISH THAT SAVED PITTSBURGH.

I have taught Fine Art at The University Of Texas & Carnegie Mellon. For two years I wrote a weekly Fine Arts column for In-Pittsburgh newspaper (now defunct).

First began writing about film music for Lukas Kendall’s Film Score Monthly (America’s 1st periodical on the art of film music). I still write for FSM and have a regular column called Score Internationale (I review European film score CDs). My main passion is for Silver Age (1960s-70s) film music, both American and European (& some Asian).

I met several of the great Italian film music composers (but not Ennio) at an amazing three-day festival held in Loreto Italy – one of the highlights of my life!

I got to sit in on one of Jerry Goldsmith’s film concert rehearsals! Amazing! – JB”