Of her next broadcast (September 12th), DJ Darla Bea says, “On this week’s edition of ‘Rock It Properly’, There’s no need to SAY ANYTHING or you’ll be BETTER OFF DEAD if you don’t tune in for a JOHN CUSACK MUZAK themed show of mixed tape movie mania. We’ll visit GROSSE POINTE BLANK and jam out to the 80’s. Then kick it up a notch in HIGH FIDELITY. Learn about actor, writer, producer John Cusack: his connection to Hunter S. Thompson, why he’s a fan of ska band Fishbone, his acting in roles with sister Joan Cusack, his politics about war & more. Join me on KCSB for Movie Trivia.


-What song was Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) really blasting from his boombox under Diane Court’s window in Say Anything?

-How many films did the brother/sister acting duo John & Joan Cusack appear in together?

-What “Mellow Yellow” singer is the father to this Say Anything actress?

-What “suicidal” band featured Cusack in one of their videos?

-Who was the “gonzo” journalist that Cusack honored in a documentary film?

Get ready to Rock Out!

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