lost film fest CA, Isla Vista @ UCSB/Isla Vista Theater 960 Embarcadero Del Norte | 8pm | $4 | presented by Magic Lantern Films and KCSB 91.9 FM

Lost Film Fest from West Philadelphia is a traveling multimedia spectacle incorporating live performance and video. It’s a truly independent, anti-authoritarian, anti-corporate grassroots DIY media extravaganza hosted by Scott Beibin. Beibin travels the globe with the fest telling stories and spinning movies using a video projector, dvd player, and backpack filled with goodies. The roadshow incorporates a sexy, smash-it-up, radical anti-capitalist anti-globalization perspective. Truly ‘Too Hot for TV’ since 1999, the LFF has featured scathing and hilarious social commentary in the form of narrative shorts, documented pranks, hot amateur protest footage, and video re-mixes.”