Beehouse Fest Flier 2On Saturday June 21st, Muddy Waters will host the Beehouse Fest!, a showcase of South Coast artists affiliated with the Beehouse Records label, including The Spires, Franklin For Short, The Parson Redheads, Le Petit Protest, Landy, Deepak Super, Watercolor Paintings, Catwalk, and maybe more!

This evening of indie rock and indie folk music begins at about 7pm at Muddy Waters Cafe, which is located at 508 East Haley Street in downtown Santa Barbara. For more info, log onto or call (805) 966-9328. The Beehouse Records showcase is proudly sponsored by KCSB.

(You can listen here to the podcast of a conversation conducted by Ted Coe of “The Freak Power Ticket,” this past Monday, June 16th, with guitarist and singer Seth Pettersen and drummer Brian Granillo, of the Ventura indie-rock quartet, Franklin for Short. Enjoy!)