*Headlines: Violent protests in Iran, Increase of violence in Iraq, Typhoon strikes Taiwan, Swine flu cases at UCSB’s UCEN, Recap of last weekend’s Fiesta, Santa Barbara Channels presents “Up in Smoke- Medical Marijuana”
*Evacuation Order for La Brea Fire Cathy Murillo
*Orden de Evacuación para Incendio La Brea Daniel Alvarenga
*Interview with Los Padres National Forests spokesperson on La Brea Fire Lorien Crawford
*Interview with Ray Ford a forest trail expert about wild-fires Ward Bayly</em
*Planning committee on UC furloughs Roelle Balan
*State budget deficit Impact local K-12 school Patty Lincoln
Announcer & Engineer: Cathy Murillo
Reporters: Ward Bayly, Roelle Balan, Lorien Crawford, Cathy Murillo, Patty Lincoln, Daniel Alvarenga