Wireless Territories Radio Art Project Cathy Murillo
UCSB Art 122 class takes to the airwaves Dec 11 and 12 (start 2:45)
Ask a Lawyer Amy Kalra & Robin Unander
The Associated Students’ Legal Resource Center answers legal questions (start 7:45)
De La Vina & State Streets Cathy Murillo
Busy intersection may undergo change from free right turn to T intersection (start 24:50)
Announcer Andre Levi

Update to Ask-A-Lawyer (December 20, 2008)
Associated Students’ Attorney Robin Unander reports: The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), primary prosecuting party for the music industry, has announced it will stop filing lawsuits against people who are caught illegally downloading or uploading music. Instead, it will have Internet service providers forward a warning letter to offending users. There will be no more payment demands to settle claims. If it is determined that a user is habitually violating the law, then the RIAA may pursue that person, but otherwise they are letting everyone else off the hook. This is in response to too much bad press for the recording industry from these lawsuits. Furthermore, it was a method that did not prove to be cost effective.