• Headlines: Pandas back to China, Ancient language lost, Toyota’s car troubles, Haiti dictator’s money may go to the Haitian people, Obama to meet with Dalai Lama, Bank of America sued, Tea Party convention begins today, SB County supervisors give money for homeless shelters, SB County supervisors approve new District Attorney
  • China and the Internet Holly Hyde
  • SB Intl Film Festival: A look at film “Evening Sun” Harry Lawton
  • Anti-war activists to protest Karl Rove Omer Harari
    Announcer Courtney Brooks / Engineer Robyn Pennington
    Reporters Conchita Pang, Matt Raab, Patty Lincoln, Cathy Murillo, Lucas Brooks

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    *Reportes de Informativo Pacifica : Delinquencia en Honduras, Hambre en los Estados Unidos, Ayuda para Mujeres Haitanas
    Reporteros Daniel Alvarenga, Andrea Garcia