• Headlines: UCSB’s Luis Leal passes away, Zelaya update from Honduras, CalPirg wants to stop Styrofoam pollution, Howard Zinn died, Highlights of State of the Union, student reaction to State of the Union
  • Bipartisan effort to reduce US Debt Holly Hyde
  • UCSB Professor talks about Facebook privacy Lucas Brooks
  • New rules for skateboarders at UCSB Andrea Garcia
    Reporters Patty Lincoln, Lexi Smith, Sam Martinez, Cheny Dominguez, Cathy Murillo
    Announcer, English Patty Lincoln
    Announcer, Spanish Daniel Alvarenga
    Engineering Robyn Pennington, Cathy Murillo
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  • Titulares: Honduras inaugura nuevo presidente, Profesor Luis Leal muere a los 102 años de Edad
  • Entrevista con Grecia Lima de PUEBLO sobre reforma inmigratoria y el censo Daniel Alvarenga
    Reporteros Sam Martinez, Andrea Garcia