*Headlines: German security threat, Hillary address internet in China, New York time charging online content, New disinfectant discovery, update on Haiti, Obama plans to limit banks, UC regents approve higher pay for executives
*Fort Hood Shootings – Holly Hyde
*Storm Homeless Shelter in IV – Samuel Martinez
*IV Parks and Recreation help youth – Matt Raab
*Feature on Peace Activist Paul Chapelle – Lucas Brooks

Noticias en Español
Titulares: Predicción de terremoto en Indonesia, Alambres caídos en Santa Bárbara, El censo 2010
*La gripe h1n1 – Daniel Alvarenga
* Vigilia de reforme migratorio – Daniel Alvarenga

Announcer: Lucas Brooks
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Reporters: James Peters, Conchita Pang, Patty Lincoln, Omer Harari, Cathy Murillo, Andrea Garcia, Missy Guardado, Holly Hyde, Matt Raab, Samuel Martinez, Daniel Alvarenga