KCSB Convention Coverage Announcement - CLICK TO ENLARGE

From Monday, August 27th-Thursday, August 30th, the News Department of KCSB-FM 91.9 is sending four reporters to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, and then to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, from Monday, September 3rd-Thursday, September 6th.

KCSB News will air half-hour reports those nights, from 5:00-5:30pm (Pacific Daylight Time), from the two cities, which are in battleground states during this year’s presidential election. KCSB’s live coverage will focus on official activities of the two political parties and also on demonstrations outside the convention centers in which the highly-scripted media events are scheduled to take place.

Executive Producer Monica Lopez, KCSB’s News Director and Journalism Advisor for UC Santa Barbara’s Associated Students (with experience covering previous political conventions in 2000 and 2004), will be joined by Associate Producer Bianca Beltran (a fourth year Film and Media Studies major at UCSB and KCSB’s Associate News Director), Field Reporter Annalise Domenighini (a fourth year Feminist Studies major at UCSB and Executive Managing Editor of Associated Students’ weekly newspaper The Bottom Line), and Production Coordinator Allina Mojarro (the Community Education Outreach Coordinator for Associated Students). Their half-hour nightly remote newscasts will be assisted by a team of several in-studio volunteers, including “No Alibis” producer and former KCSB advisor Elizabeth Robinson, Coyote Radio producer and “Latin American Journal” host Corey Dubin, and longtime KCSB News correspondent Harry Lawton, who will share hosting duties over the course of the eight broadcasts.

KCSB is prioritizing its coverage of major events, but with a particularly local sensibility, featuring headlines, field reporting, in-depth interviews, and more. KCSB is also coordinating its convention news-gathering with reporters from WORT-FM, the influential Madison, Wisconsin community-radio station.

Also, starting the week of August 20th-24th, KCSB is airing comments by Santa Barbara residents on important issue areas (education, labor, food security, immigration, etc.), reflecting on changes over the four years of the administration of President Barack Obama, and looking towards the future. KCSB invites public comments about such matters at (805) 699-6433, for possible broadcast.