KCSB's 2015-2016 Wining T-Shirt Design (Artist: Angelica Baird) - CLICK TO ENLARGE

KCSB’s 2015-2016 Wining T-Shirt Design (Artist: Angelica Baird) – CLICK TO ENLARGE

We at KCSB-FM recently sent out the following year-end letter (see below) to longtime members and alumni via the US Postal Service.

We’re excited also to share it with readers online, and hope that you too will consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Santa Barbara’s only community-radio station before the end of this calendar year!

You can claim one of our new 2015-2016 t-shirts, “KCSB 91.9 FM is Radio Active,” as your premium gift by donating $25 (student rate) and $50 (for non-students) per garment.

We have ordered American Apparel brand “Unisex Organic Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirts” in the sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The winning design was created by recent UCSB graduate Angelica Baird.

Donate Online HERE and claim your RADIO ACTIVE thank-you gift(s)!!!

Our year-end giving letter immediately follows:

December 4, 2016

Dear KCSB Community Member,

As 2015 draws to a close, we want to thank you, on behalf of the staff and volunteers at KCSB-FM, for your generous past support of our area’s only independent, noncommercial radio station. Your contribution is essential for our continued ability to broadcast the unique mix of music, independent news, ideas, cultural-arts programming, and campus sports that sets KCSB apart from other area radio stations.

Over the past couple of years, KCSB has continued its tradition of providing rich community and on-air events. We also increased our presence in the Isla Vista community by establishing the “Hello World” music festival to welcome new and returning students in the fall. And we helped plan the events that took place to commemorate the tragic loss suffered by the community May 23, 2014. Please see the enclosed brochure for more information about our recent endeavors.

Since KCSB elected to reschedule its fund drive to take place February 17-26, 2016, we are contacting you today to ask that you consider KCSB in your year-end giving. It is you, our beloved community supporters, along with the UCSB students, on whom we rely to keep our independent radio airwaves radiating out to the world.

KCSB is a vital media asset to our community, and we are committed to being an active part of a media democracy network that works to insure the continued existence of independent voices. Our signal extends throughout the central coast of California, and we also stream globally via the Internet. KCSB remains focused on expanding access to our public airwaves and to other media technology, and we continue in our efforts to raise awareness of our programming and services in the community.

In order to sustain our various projects, which include our public events, our overall service, and upkeep of our physical facilities and equipment, we need your support. Since we receive no funding from the State or Federal governments, your support is crucial to these efforts. If you contribute by December 31, your donation can be used as a 2015 tax deduction.

Please contribute online at www.kcsb.org or mail your contribution today. Make checks payable to “KCSB”). With your donation of $50 or more, we invite you to request a KCSB mug or one of our beautiful new T-shirts as our gesture of thanks for your continued generosity! Be sure to indicate your size.

We greatly appreciate your support.

Kenny Oravetz, KCSB General Manager
Ted Coe, KCSB Advisor
Marta Ulvaeus, Assistant Director for Independent Media

Click HERE to see a copy of that official letter on KCSB letterhead!

We hope that you and yours enjoy the best holiday time with your family and friends — and here’s to a terrific 2016!