Following on the heels of a weekly online column in the Santa Barbara Independent, KCSBeat, which has been running since late 2009, the editors at Santa Barbara’s news-and-arts weekly have seen fit to make KCSB-FM the focus of this week’s cover story, written by KCSB programmer Colin Marshall.

The article looks back at the history of Santa Barbara’s only community radio station and looks ahead to our future, as KCSB stands on the cusp of its 50th year of existence! A sampling of KCSB programs is also highlighted in a sidebar section, while the article likewise acknowledges KCSB’s Annual 2010 FUNd Drive: Celebrating Community Radio, which ends ’round midnight on Friday, November 12th, upon the conclusion of our Friday night punk-and-garage music show, “Face the Music.”

Through Friday, November 12th, the official completion of our FUNd Drive campaign, KCSB-FM has raised over $21,000 in pledges to support our station’s continued existence!

Listener-sponsors can call the station to donate at (805) 893-2424 or can donate online anytime. A minimum pledge of $25 for students and $50 for non-students entitles the donor to a selection of thank-you gifts (including the station’s new KCSB 2010 t-shirt, CDs, DVDs, books, magazine subscriptions, gift certificates, and more).

Make all checks payable to AS/KCSB and address them to KCSB-FM, PO Box 12834, Santa Barbara, CA 93107-2834. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.