Saturday, April 26, KCSB-FM will host the Spring 2014 UCRN (UC Radio Network) conference, which is an annual


UCRN conference, Saturday, April 26th, 9am-twilight:


Attendance is free, and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Bring your records and station gear for a record and swag swap!


Breakfast and station tour at KCSB (9am-10am)



Keynote: Does Radio Still Matter? (10am-11am)

Ken Freedman, Station Manager of WFMU (https://wfmu.org), will address concerns of radio’s significance in the age of digital transcendence, and what independent stations can do to remain relevant in the face of technological change. A Q&A session will follow the keynote, time permitting.



Roundtables (11am-12:15pm):


Music and Programming Roundtable

How can we help programmers expand their horizons, therefore improving the quality of our programming?


News, Public Affairs, and Sports Roundtable

How can we better integrate ourselves with the rest of the station?


UCRN Steering Committee



Lunch at KCSB (12:15pm-1:15pm)





Grassroots Music and Community Spaces

Every weekend brings another wave of alienating and dangerous debauchery to our student community, highlighting the importance of safe spaces for assembly, performance and entertainment. This panel will explore music scenes that have taken root through the efforts of the community, and ways to surpass the difficulties you will face if you decide to do the same.


Letting Go: How to find alternatives and avoid discouragement

When planning events and projects, we can run into a number of practical and bureaucratic barriers. Join us to discuss how you have either circumvented or avoided rules and regulations, and share tips on keeping your head up in the face of obstacles.


Localism: Engagement in global communities and LPFM

An oft-repeated phrase is “think globally, act locally.” Radio has a unique power to address local concerns, especially because of its limited broadcast range. This panel will explore how radio, and especially low-power FM (LPFM), can influence community movements and broadcast underserved voices around the world.




Identity and vision: Projecting your station’s mission

“Branding” may sound like a dirty word in the world of college radio, but the concept can be used as a guide to a clear and unifying vision for any organization. This panel will present on the value of a consistent identity and concrete strategies that college radio stations can use to increase their visibility.


Live broadcast technical workshop

Live remote technology can broaden your station’s horizons, enabling you to broadcast on-location for news stories, sports games, concerts and festivals, and much more. Understanding this technology can also enhance in-studio performances and interviews. Join this workshop for a demonstration on how to conduct live broadcasts.


Programming with a conscience: Music and social movements

Music and social change often go hand-in-hand. This panel will explore that relationship, as well as tips for continuing social change through thoughtful programming choices.




Town Hall: UCRN’s Path Forward (4pm-5pm)

Who are we? What is our purpose? How can we strengthen our network? At the end of the day, join this open forum to discuss UCRN and its mission.


Special Collections Tours (throughout the day)

Come tour the vast and varied selection of antique books, wax cylinders and more, contained within UCSB’s Davidson Library Special Collections department. If you’re interested in archival techniques, this is the tour for you! Several tours will be offered throughout the day.


Dinner and concert at KCSB (5pm-end)


Stay directly after the conference for a free, UCRN-exclusive twilight performance featuring: Massenger (Ventura), Eastern Bakery (Isla Vista), and Travelling Ills (Santa Cruz)!


Also there will be two special concert events for those who come early on Friday, April 25th:

Terakaft Presented by UCSB’s MCC and KCSB (8pm)

Tuareg desert blues from Mali

Ticket Office: 805-893-2064

Click here for tickets


Peaking Lights Presented by Speak Volumes Media and Magic Lantern Films (10pm)

LA-based psychedelic pop

Click here for tickets