Today on “Real Gauchos,” Paul Rivas interviewed KCSB founder Bill Harrison on: creating the radio station in 1962 out of Anacapa Hall at UCSB but not allowing rock music, the early sixties still being the fifties, his fantastic chldhood in Santa Barbara, having great mentors, getting his start in the La Cumbre Junior High School theater program, being thrilled to do the morning news and Gaucho football for KTMS 1250 AM for $1/hour, the ephemeral nature of student projects, how to grow a radio station, KCSB getting big with the Kennedy assassination, changing majors from speech & drama to engineering and back again before transferring to Michigan State as a senior, balancing school and work, how to figure out what you want to do, getting a dream job that didn’t even exist when he thought of it, leaving it to make room for those he’d mentored, becoming a therapist after his divorce, falling in love with a man and having to accept in his 40s that he was gay, meeting his children’s stepfather online, what it feels like to come back to KCSB 50 years after founding it, and what “Real Gauchos” has to do to last 50 years.

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