radio-goatAs we entered the second day of our annual fund drive, the Tea Fire broke out and ripped through our communities. KCSB immediately began covering the fire and distributing information on evacuations, warnings, road closures, etc. in partnership with the Santa Barbara Independent and their reporters. Within the first 24 hours we provided almost non-stop coverage of events unfolding and decided to suspend our own fundraising efforts. While this was not an easy decision, it was reached unanimously as it seemed a necessary choice to our governance group. After the fire was under control, we agreed to reschedule the on-air fundraiser in early February.

Although we are not now pitching on air, we do have all of the elements of the drive in place – new t-shirts and hoodies and many other thank you gifts are available; our new KCSB Store is online (; and donations can be made online or by phone at 805 893-3921. We are sending this letter to ask you to contribute now if possible and if we receive significant pledges, we will shorten our February drive. Additionally, our student leaders have voted to donate 25% of all funds that we receive to Santa Barbarans Carla and Lance Hoffman who sustained burns during the fire and will require months more of medical care.

We hope that you appreciate our programming normally and in emergency situations. We certainly appreciate the support you have given to us. Thank you for your continued generosity.

Erin Fleming
KCSB General Manager

Ted Coe
KCSB Development Coordinator

(For information about KCSB’s 2008-2009 Fund Drive Grand-Prize Drawing, click here.

To see this letter in jpeg form, click here.)