George A. RomeroBack in mid-February, Ted Coe, host of “The Freak Power Ticket” (during Spring, Mondays from 9-10am), conducted an interview with legendary horror-film creator George A. Romero, discussing the 40 years of zombie cinema that he pioneered. This year, Romero’s feature, “Diary of the Dead” (his fifth “Living Dead” work), received a select theatrical release, and the film is now available on DVD courtesy of The Weinstein Company. 2008 also marks the 40th anniversary of Romero’s first film, the all-time classic, “Night of the Living Dead.” Their interview focuses on the topicality and impact of Romero’s works. (Tune in below.)

NOTE: September 21, 2011 – Audio from my raw interview with George A. Romero has been reposted here with a new webplayer interface. Enjoy! (and as Uncle George would say, “Stay Scared!”)