UCSB undergraduates provide the economic foundation for KCSB-FM’s continuing operations.

Every two years, self-assessed student fees are voted on during Associated Students’ springtime elections. To show support for Santa Barbara’s only community radio station, UCSB students are again asked to vote on two KCSB fee reaffirmations, “KCSB/KJUC” and “AS Professional Media Staff” (aka “Communications Personnel”).

Voting happens online through the UCSB GOLD system starting at 8am, on Monday, April 22nd, and ends on Thursday, April 25th, at 4pm.

To find out more, see our “Pro Statements” for each ballot measure below.


“Do you support continued funding of $2.96* (of which $0.44 is return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $2.56* (of which $0.44 is return to aid fee) for summer quarter for KCSB/KJUC?”

KCSB/KJUC Pro Statement

KCSB-FM is YOUR radio station!

All students have the opportunity to become involved directly in all aspects of running this independent, noncommercial, and educational media outlet. At KCSB you can learn the fundamentals of radio broadcasting, both technically and in terms of program content, whether in news, sports, public affairs, cultural arts, or music.

KCSB strives to ensure that these opportunities are offered to a diverse community, especially people who are traditionally underrepresented in broadcasting. For its listeners, KCSB strives to provide programming that is stimulating, informative and generally unavailable from other local media. KCSB’s news and public affairs programming provide a forum for underrepresented and/or controversial perspectives on important local, national, and international issues. Our cultural arts and music programming cover a wide spectrum of expression, from traditional to experimental.

In addition to our broadcasts, KCSB publicizes and hosts campus and community events, such as Town Hall meetings, films, concerts, and lectures. This past quarter we put on the Poolside concert at the Hub. Please continue to support KCSB, your student-run college/community radio station.

“Do you support continued funding of $5.18* (of which $0.73 is for return to aid) per AS/UCSB Membership per quarter (fall, winter, spring) and $4.43* (of which $0.73 is for return to aid) for summer quarter for AS Communication Personnel?”

AS Professional Media Staff / Communications Personnel Pro Statement

The Communications Personnel budget covers the salaries of all of Associated Student’s professional media staff. This includes A.S. Assistant Director for Independent Media & KCSB’s Advisor, Development Coordinator, Chief Engineer, IT Administrator, and News Director and Journalism Advisor.

The professional media staff members maintain all equipment at KCSB; train students in principles of journalism, media production and editing, including radio, video, print, and multimedia applications; and provide equipment for studio and field recordings. We assist student staff in creating, governing, and maintaining these media outlets. All of this is done with no charge to participating students and participation is open to all.

We remain a very small staff for running a full-time, full-power radio station and providing other media opportunities, such as The Bottom Line. Please continue to support A.S. Communications Personnel.