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“After the ‘not guilty’ verdict was announced over the weekend by the nearly all white jury, thousands demonstrated across the country, from New York to Baltimore to San Francisco” – FSRN

*Mass demonstrations breakout nationwide as hundreds of people protest about George Zimmerman’s trial, at UC Santa Barbara organizers are meeting at El Centro for a vigil – FSRN, KCSB
*Independent film Fruitvale Station premiered last Saurday, the movie is about the killing of Oscar Grant, a young man who was shot by BART police in 2008 – KCSB
*After facing criticism from spying on journalists, the Obama administration reveals a new approach to handling leaks – FSRN

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Writers: Kendall Lawless, Monica Lopez, Nathalie Vera
Anchor: Adam Corton
Engineer: Monica Lopez
Associate News Director: Nathalie Vera
News Director:  Monica Lopez