2013 w Fireworks by Stuart MilesTonight we present the first of a two part Year in Review broadcast for 2013. We’ll revisit some of the most significant and underreported stories covered by KCSB News this year. We’ll also provide an update to some of those stories as of today.

  • George Zimmerman Acquitted in the Murder of Trayvon Martin and Santa Barbara Justice Coalition

  • Supreme Court Rules on Voting Rights Act, Portions of Miranda Rights, Prop 8, and DOMA

  • The Federal Government Shuts Down Over Opposition to the Affordable Care Act

  • The Appointment of and Response to Janet Napolitano as President of the University of California

  • Federal Student Loan Debt Surpasses the $1 Trillion Dollar Mark for the First Time Ever

  • UC Santa Barbara Faculty Protest Changes to UC Health Insurance Coverage

  • UC Campuses Decide Whether to Divest from Apartheid in the Middle East
    KCSB’s opening theme song is Griot Song by Nation Beat.