dj-rick-fenzs-favorite-alb_r140x140In the latest KCSBeat, the Santa Barbara Independent‘s weekly spotlight on all facets of this station, Colin Marshall continues profiling KCSB people with a visit to The Rick Show, “Captain” Rick Fenz’s Saturday-morning showcase of musical variety:

Many DJs choose to create genre-based programs because of a singular musical passion that overwhelms all others — or, less romantically, because they only like one kind of music. Not so for Fenz, whose youth in central New Jersey placed him within signal range of not only Manhattan’s numerous cutting-edge radio stations, but also of a cluster of experimental college broadcasters. Many of these formative years happened to occur in the 1960s, which Fenz described as “a time when mainstream pop and rock had a wide range of influences, incorporating jazz, blues, and R&B, integrating all of that before the commercial aspects of the industry started to pigeonhole everything.”

The unpredictable sets spun by WNEW’s now-legendary Jonathan Schwartz opened the young Fenz’s ears to the possibilities of radio as a medium of expression. “I heard him play one set that included both Frank Sinatra and Johnny Winter. And he made it work! I couldn’t believe how great it was listening to those two side-by-side.” Later, the advent of consumer random-access digital media like the compact disc helped him hone his playlist-crafting abilities at home. “I loved it when those six-disc players came out,” he said. “I’d drop a few albums in, set it to random and just listen to what came out. But it was sometimes a little disconcerting! It’s not always easy to make things flow.”

You can read all about Fenz and his program here.