bus-ad-for-kcsb-2009-2Have you ever noticed how corporate radio stations like to appeal to commuters by purchasing large advertisements on the sides or backs of local buses? Perhaps you’ve seen these campaigns when you’re at a light, or stuck in traffic. Obviously, the goal is to get you to tune in while you’re driving.

Well KCSB decided to try a new twist on this old approach: starting in March, the station purchased ad-space inside of 78 buses run by Santa Barbara’s Metropolitan Transit District (MTD). Our 11×17″ full-color glossy placard (see above) was designed by the 2008-2009 KCSB Publications Director, Mallory Watje. The initial display period started in March and runs through July, with the possibility of extending things on into the future. The station hopes to appeal to commuters using Santa Barbara’s primary mode of alternative transportation to consider becoming listeners, volunteers, or prospective programmers.