The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s Youth Empowerment Initiative presents its first-ever concert fundraiser, “No Nukes! No Wars! A Concert for Peace,” on Friday, May 25, 2007 at the Earl Warren Showgrounds (3400 Calle Real) in Santa Barbara. $15 for admission. $3 parking per car.

Performers include Spearhead’s Radioactive, Los Angeles-based artists Quinto Sol and Aztlan Underground, and local performer Pussywillow Sparks.

The concert’s theme, “No Nukes! No Wars!,” is intended to remind us that, in the Nuclear Age, all wars are fought in the shadow of potential nuclear holocaust: The United States maintains an arsenal of nearly 10,000 nuclear weapons, and eight other countries also wield these instruments of ultimate devastation.

For more information, email, or call (805) 965-3443. This event is being cosponsored by KCSB 91.9 FM.