sbdiysbdiy is a community building project created to promote local, free, all-age shows as of yet. In the future, it’s goal is to promote other events related to arts, films, food, and bikes.

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for individual posts about the shows under our events tab.

Short sneak-peeks from sbdiy:

October 26th at 7:30 PM in the BIKO GARAGE (6612 Sueno Rd., Isla Vista CA)
1. DESOLATION WILDERNESS (K Records). amazing!
2. LAKE (K Records). amazing!
3. GIRL BAND. the return of girl band!

November 7th at 8 PM in the BIKO GARAGE (6612 Sueno Rd., Isla Vista CA). all the bands start with the letter P! ha.
1. Pizza!. this band is amazing. played a show with them in LA once.
2. THE POM POMS: they are local and really good.
3. and maybe another local to play a few songs. maybe PHYSICAL FITNESS???


November 12th at 7:30 PM in the BIKO GARAGE (6612 Sueno Rd., Isla Vista CA). this will be a really big one. seriously. and it will be cool cause it’s not just rock. cool electronic stuff and acoustic stuff.
1. LUCKY DRAGONS. laptop electronic stuff. really really good. josh i think you’ll dig it. a lot of people will be excited about them.
2. PIT ER PAT. really cool experimental rock type stuff. played with them once in san luis obispo. really fun show.
3. HECUBA. don’t know a lot about this band but it sounds really good. like lucky dragons, also part of the smell scene in LA. people will surely dig this.
4. DEAD WESTERN. he’s from sacramento. and is really amazing. pretty weird psychedelic acoustic stuff. people will be sort of entranced by it. cause he has a weird singing voice heh.

sbdiy events are proudly co-sponsored by KCSB 91.9 FM Santa Barbara

(previous shows in the series included the following:


blockquote>October 15th at 8PM in the BIKO GARAGE (6612 Sueno Rd., Isla Vista CA)
1.NORMANDIE WILSON. she’s pretty cool. used to play in this 10ish piece pop orchestra called Red Pony Clock. and this is her solo stuff. lo-fi soul/pop type stuff. heh.

  1. OHIOAN. he’s from portland and has this really awesome band with members of other really awesome bands. (ex: Old Time Relijun, Shaky Hands, Ghost to Falco, Watery Graves of Portland, etc). i think he’ll be playing solo acoustic this time around. but it should be really good.

  2. JEAN-LUC FRAIKIN. local folky country-esque music.)